I’ve always had a strong passion for numbers and calculations, but managed to study Biological Studies as an undergraduate at Arizona State University. After graduating in 2012, I immediately started the MBA program at Grand Canyon University. With an emphasis in finance, this is where my interest in learning about taxes grew.

After graduating from GCU in 2014, I began learning about taxes. In addition to my strong numerical skills, one of my major strengths has always been my organizational skills. Taxes is the organization of numbers. Learning about and educating others about taxes became a strong passion.

In January 2016, I took my passion and founded Anointed Hands Tax Preparation Inc, specializing in individual tax preparation needs. The name of the business was given based on the gift God had given me to understand and educate others about taxes. I realized that my gift was truly an anointing for others. The next year, I partnered with Focus 9 Enterprises and founded Anointed Hands Tax II Inc, which includes business tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Today at Anointed Hands Tax II Inc., our target audience is our communities, small businesses and we are focused on building life-long relationships. Our long-term goal is to build more corporations in our communities and we plan to complete this goal by focusing, one tax return at a time.